We are proudly located in a state consistently having the best business climate in the Midwest, a Midwest leader in Pro-Business attitudes, the best in the Midwest for low taxes, and only one of nine states nationally with an AAA S&P rating.  And…Indiana is a Right to Work state! 

Not bad to start.
We use a region-wide approach to initiatives necessary for success, including workforce development, transportation enhancement, entrepreneurialism, and overall quality of life.  At Wells County, free time is filled by the many great parks, rivers, festivals, and amenities found in our amazing 370 square miles.  Yet because of our location, residents enjoy a professional baseball game or national entertainment acts a few minutes to our north, boating around any one of 101 lakes in a neighboring county, or a Division 1 college football game on a crisp, fall Saturday just a short distance south! 

Still interested?
Keep going.  Experience the benefits enjoyed by every Wells County business.  Low labor costs, highway accessibility to Interstates, active rail use, existing skilled labor with aggressive programming to continue increasing workforce expertise, infrastructure capacity including data, competitive construction and occupancy costs, and energy rates rivaling any in the region.  On top of all this, companies find all Wells County Government entities welcoming with open arms, aggressive incentives, and a willingness to work hard to attract as well as assure community partner’s long-term success. 

Welcome! Find out why hundreds of businesses call Wells County their home.